Montmorency Park during winter – High Definition

Montmorency Park is a park located in Quebec. It is located in the historic district of Old Quebec, at the edge of the Upper Town and overlooking the Lower Town.


Triangular, it is bordered to the northwest by Port-Dauphin Street, south along the coast of the Mountain and to the east by the cliff. It was recognized Canadian national historic site in 1949 for being the site of the diocese and of the Parliament of United Canada from 1851-1855.


Two monuments are located in Montmorency Park:

Monument to Louis Hébert, the first French settler in New France (born about 1575 and died in Paris in January 1627à Quebec)

George-Étienne Cartier Monument, human important status of the nineteenth century, co-Prime Minister of United Canada, lawyer, Father of Confederation, founder of the province of Quebec, author of the first “O Canada” in 1835, patriot and co-founder of the St-Jean-Baptiste Society.

History of the place

The first French colonist to bring in New France, Louis Hébert, with wife and children, occupied this location. In 1666, François de Laval bought the land to build the Seminary of Quebec.

  • From 1693-1695, Jean-Baptiste de La Croix de Chevrières de Saint-Vallier are built the Episcopal Palace.
  • The building was damaged during the Siege of Quebec in 1759. Jean-Olivier Briand does restore in 1766.
  • The Governor of the Province of Quebec leases the building to hold meetings from 1777.
  • The building became the hotel of parliament in 1792. He is purchased by the government in 1830.
  • The building burned on 1 February 1854.
  • Another building is built in 1859. It burned in 1884.
  • Beginning of Montmorency Park

Source: Wikipedia