Minus 27°C over hell

The passion of photography

This passion makes us often produce uncommon images. There are millions of images from Montmorency Falls, but this is a one of a kind!

In January, getting out of bed at 5 am demonstrates some courage. That morning, I had the choice to go back to my warm bed or put on my warmest clothes because the thermometer reads -27 ° C, collect my equipment and go produce an image that stuck in my head for quite too long.

In my first attempt, I move to find that the place is wonderful, the fall perfectly carved by the icy weather, but … the light is not there. I do not even unpacked my equipment to produce an image that I know, could be more beautiful.

The next morning, the alarm clock that pulls me from my dreams. A look through the window reveals a sky of deep blue that promises an ideal light. Armed with my hot coffee, I unpacked my equipment, secures equipment which is suspended under the bridge and then … ACTION!

I have often been asked, “Where were you to take this picture? “I always answer:” I told you it was -27 ° C, I was on deck to drink my coffee! “.