Museum of the Québec Citadel

The Citadel

The Quebec Citadel is a fortress located on Cap Diamant in Quebec City, Quebec. Adjacent to the Plains of Abraham, it is an integral part of the fortifications of the old city. Quebec City and Campeche in Mexico are the only two cities in North America that have retained all of their fortifications, including the speaker.

Royal 22e Régiment Museum

The Royal 22e Régiment Museum occupies two buildings of the Citadelle of Québec: Old Powder Magazine (Building 15) and the former Military Prison (Building 10)

In the Old powder magazine, we can see dioramas recreating historic battles of Quebec Headquarters, 1690, Battle of Fort Carillon, Battle of the Plains of Abraham … In the old military prison, are the dining medals and an exhibition on the war in Afghanistan.

In 2014, the Royal 22nd Regiment will celebrate its 100th anniversary creation. To celebrate this event, the Royal 22e Régiment Museum grows. In addition to its current space, the museum will occupy a historic building of the Citadel of Quebec called “Bunker East”. The new museum will occupy four times and spaces including a permanent exhibition showcasing 100 years of Royal 22e Regiment, areas dedicated to temporary exhibitions, a medals room, educational spaces and services to the public. The new facilities of the Royal 22e Régiment Museum also help interpret the military heritage as visitors can see ancient vaults built between 1820 and 1831. The new museum opened in 2014.

Source: Wikipedia