About the medias on this site

Black-HDThroughout this site, you will find different types of 360° medias. Some has been created with a standard definition while others have higher definition, allowing you to zoom in the image in order to reveal surprising details.

goggle-iconMany of the images are compatible with virtual reality goggles. If you have one of the simple Google cardboard or more sophisticated ones like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, immersion is just spectacular. These images are part of the category Virtual Reality.

Take control of your visit

At any time, you can control the rotation of the panorama (photo or video). On a tablet or a phone, move your finger on the screen to point the camera wherever you want. Use the other “gestures” to zoom in or out.

You use a mouse? Click and drag your cursor over the image. Also use the control icons at the bottom of each window displaying a panorama.

How to use the Google map

Show or hide the map

To show or hide the Google map, click on the tab Map.


This markers display the location of the images displayed on the page.


The variable size of the Map

Use the icons on the tab to manage the size of the card. The “ALL” icon lets you see all the 360 videos, standard video and 360 ° panoramas in standard definition and high definition (HD).


The markers on the Google Map

Each medium is represented on the map by a pointer. Some pointers start a virtual tour with more then one panorama as for celebrations of New France.

Here are the different types of markers.
Black copy Panorama
Black-HD Panorama HD
Black-video Video standard
Black-video360 360° Videos

Click on a marker and a thumbnail of the media appears. You can either click on the thumbnail or the title to access the interactive media.


How to display all medias in a single category

From a computer

Select the category from the Visit 360 ° Menu. The corresponding views and videos to this category will then be displayed on the page.


From a tablet or smartphone

Open your menu by clicking the icon burger  burger Select a category. The corresponding views and videos to this category will then be displayed on the page.

The list of categories on the sidebar

You can also use the Categories list to the right pages to browse by topic.

Icon legend

vr_mode If you are looking a media on your smart phone and you see the VR Goggles icon it’s because this media is compatible with VR goggles.
btn_zoom_out btn_zoom_in Zoom out/in
btn_enter_fs btn_close_fs Full/reduced screen
btn_help Help
btn_infoInformation on the media
btn_move_leftbtn_move_rightbtn_move_upbtn_move_down Move the camera left, right, up or down
btn_share Share on social medias
btn_start_autorotationbtn_stop_autorotation Start/stop autorotation
btn_stop_soundbtn_start_sound Volume on/off