Tourny Fountain & Québec Parliement

The Fontaine de Tourny installed in Québec comes from Bordeaux in France and dates from the second half of the nineteenth century. This fountain was one of two identical fountains commissioned by the mayor of Bordeaux to celebrate the arrival of water in the city. They adorned the ends of the Alleys of Tourny, esplanade built by Louis-Urbain-Aubert de Tourny, hence their name.

The city of Bordeaux has installed two fountains in 1857, under the mandate of the mayor Antoine Gautier, and withdrew them in 1960 due to the high cost of their maintenance. The fashion company Simons has acquired a copy in 2003, was restored and offered it to the City of Québec for its four-hundredth anniversary. The purchase of the fountain and its restoration has cost Simons four million Canadian dollars; installation, two million dollars, provided by the City of Quebec and the National Capital Commission Quebec1. It was inaugurated on July 3 20071. Since then, the fountain is highlighted as a “place of rendezvous in Quebec”

Source: Wikipedia