Montmorency Park during winter 2014 – HD Image

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Parc Montmorency is a park located in Quebec City and home to Parliaments of Lower Canada, Canada East and Quebec from 1791 to 1883. It is named for Duke of Montmorency.

The site sits above the St. Lawrence River and bounded by Côte de la Montagne and Rue Port Dauphin. The last building was demolished in 1883 and in 1894 city opened it as Parc Frontenac.

The park is partially covered by trees with walkways and signs describing the historical importance of the site.

A number of cannons are located on the north part of the and 2 statues from George-Étienne Cartier- Prime Minister of United Provinces of Canada and Father of Confederation and the monument for Louis Hébert, Guillaume Couillard and Marie Rollet – first farmers of New France c. 1617

In 1949 the park was recognized as a national historic site.