New France Festival 2015

Logo_FetesNouvelleFranceThe Festival of the Nouvelle-France is an important annual event commemorating New France taking place since 1997 in the Old City
the first Wednesday of August to the following Sunday.


The Festival of New France still stand near the Place Royale in Old Quebec Then that’s where it all started for the city of Quebec.

Founded in order to animate the historic district of Old Quebec, World Heritage by UNESCO, the popular success of the festivities appeared early on.

The peculiarity of the parties is to provide a continuous animation with more than 500 services by more than 435 artists and animation volunteers. Set on more than 12 sites in the streets of Old Quebec, where the history of the city and colonization of New Franceest shown to visitors in multiple ways. Dances, parades, public market, evocations and reconstructions allow the participant to plunge into a festive atmosphere around a specific theme, renewed annually.


Visitors can join the organizers and to dress so as to reconstruct the clothing of the time. The use of colors such as blue, brown, red and yellow are the most common.

translation from Wikipedia