Orphelia for the mouths and the eyes

Orphelia, for the mouth and the eyes

Ophelia specializes in seafood, fish and dry aged steaks on site. Opened in June 2017, this restaurant has 102 seats. These places are separated into two sections, the tables / banquettes on the mezzanine and the bar counter. In both cases, you will be in a great environment.

Extraordinary environment

And who are the Designers? The owner Fabio Monti and the designer Bruno Braën. The design is reminiscent of a luxury yacht with, among other things, the same wooden floor as the deck of a yacht, boat benches at the bar, walls covered in the same finish as a boat hull and a sloping section to remind the boat pitching.

Other particular fact, all the brick of the local was painted by hand, brick by brick to give a gray tint. There are mainly 3 materials: marble (counter bar, ground floor table and ground floor) Jatoba wood (floor and second floor landing, some tables) and plexiglass (some tables and some banquettes). The lights come from the Vancouver Bocci Company and are made of hand-blown glass.

An open concept kitchen

The kitchen is made in two parts, the seafood bar which is located at the bar and the main kitchen which is located at the bottom of the bar section and is fully open.

Enjoy your meal!

2016 Ski Tour Canada

Back inside the historic walls of Old Quebec, the site of 2 immensely successful sprint events in 2012, athletes are back for a race course in the heart the National Capital with the start and finish lines on the Plaines of Abraham and a stretch that takes in Québec’s Parliament Building, Fontaine de Tourny, and Porte Saint-Louis.

Thanks to the Commission de la capitale nationnale du Québec to welcome us.