2014 Naval Rendez-vous

Quebec being a port city, it is normal to find a maritime activity. Almost every year, large warships and sailboats come to visit Québec City. In 2014, the NCMS are Arthabascan (Canada), USS Oak Hill (United States), General Laplace (France) and CCGS Corporal Keable of the Canadian Coast Guard, opened their doors to visitors.
There is also a picture of the yacht HMS Jeffy Jan II, acquired by the Naval Museum of Québec and is a symbol commemorating the importance of Quebec during the Second World War.

The H.M.S Jeffy Jan II acquired by the naval Museum of Québec in 2014

The H.M.S. Jeffy Jan II is a 1937 Chris Craft Cabin Cruiser 36 feet long that can carry 15 people. It was in the service of Lord Atlhone, Governor General of Canada from 1940 to 1946 and Princess Alice.

This yacht is now stored in order to be completely restored. Indeed, the H.M.S. Jeffy Jan II has not hit the water for about ten years.